Our materials come in different thicknesses from 0.25mm up to 0,6mm thick. We can manufacture the roof sheets to any specified length, up to a maximum of 12 meters in length

We also supply the following:

  • Insulated wire and Alububble roof insulation that goes on before the roof sheets to reduce the amount of heat that enters the cavity between the roof sheets and ceiling and keeps the roof cooler.
  • Glass wool insulation that can be layed onto the ceiling boards to reduce the heat from entering the rooms if there is no Alububble roof insulation or as an additional layer of thermal insulation and sound proofing.

At the moment we have a 24 to 48 hour waiting period for us to manufacture the material from funds reflecting in our account to dispatch. Due to the severity of the power cuts it can be expected to take longer for the production of this material. 402104


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