These are painted sheets suitable for roofing, they are painted in and outside which gives a sense of beauty.


Chrome IBR sheets are used for domestic, commercial and Industrial roofs in the region at large

These are non-painted sheets for roofing, they are coated with a silver proof to avoid rust.


This rust resistant is mostly used for roofing churches, temporary structures, farm shades, chicken run, shops and many other structures possible

these are silver coated, protective allocation sheets used and fixed before chromadek sheets on the roof.


  • It controls inside temperature during hot and cold weather
  • It regulates sound when it’s raining e.g. thunderstorm

We got wide range of hardware tools for home use which are strong and durable which are manufactured from a reliable source.

Advantages of using Chromadek Roofing sheets

  1. They are very efficient
  2. No licks whatsoever on a long term period
  3. Easy to maintain because it is rust free
  4. Unlike asbestos Chromadek are strong
  5. Chromadek can be cut to size
  6. They are trendy and improves the ambience of your building
  7. Chroma comes in different colours